Murray Simon

Height :6’3” (1.90m)

Eye Colour: Brown
Hair: Brown & White

Locations: London, Brighton, Aberdeen, Glasgow

Accents : Native Aberdonian. Native Standard English


Murray Simon grew up in the small Scottish coastal Stonehaven, he moved to the South coast of England in 1999.

He Attended The Brighton Academy of Creative Training, he was awrded the Frank Finlay bursary award twice and graduated with distinction. He has enjoyed a solid career of fifteen years in stage, screen, radio, Video games,


A Midsummer Night's Dream

'Murray Simon was excellent as Demetrious caught up the spell weaved by Oberon.'

- The Argus

You can feel the audience willing to win the love of the fey and slightly nerdy Demetrius, played by Murray Simon,

- Broadway baby

It is the Lovers who carry the show however and Maurice Humphrey's ,Murray Simon, Olivia Sewell and Alex Louise are equally confident, clear in their projection and diction and strong in their characterisation. Their energy is impressive...

- Remote Goat


Genuine Scot, Murray Simon, performs excellently, the essential  roles of Lennox & Ross,, & he is entirely effective in both parts.

The Ministry of Biscuits

Murray Simon delivers a fantastic portrayal of the strait-laced yet earnest Cedric Hobson.
- The Artscape

The plot hinges on young civil servant Cedric Hobson, a delightfully funny Murray Simon

- Litchfeild live

2010 - present

2010 - present

Film & Television

Production                Character         Director           Company

Blue Iguana                                Zombie Villain                 Hadi Haijaig                 UK Film Studio Productions

Magna Carta Unlocked                John Wesley                   Hamish MacLoed         Sceptered Isle

Lucky Sexy Winners                   Pianist                           David Walker                Pett Productions

Team Judas                               Faulkner                          Andrew Lowry              T.T.J

Drama School                            Oz                                  Jamie Patterson           Jump Start Productions

The World of Night                      Blake                              Matt Burns                  Creeping Sun Productions


Underdogs                                Geoff Smith                        Mitchell & Nixon

Those Magnificent Men              Arthur Whitten Brown          Mitchell & Nixon

Lord God                                  God                                   Mitchell & Reeve

The Ministry of Biscuits             Cedric Hobson                    Mitchell & Reeve   

Alfie                                        Humphrey / Lofty                 Janette Eddisford


A Midsummer Night's Dream     Demetrius                           Sian Webber


Antigone                                  Haemon                              Dimitry Devdariani


Lives in Pieces                         Simon                                 Judi Christie


Memory Points                         Master of Ceremonies          Catherine Church


Solaris                                     Dr. Gibarian                         Dimitry Devdariani


Fright Nights                            The Governor                       Daniel Morgan


Playing Mathilde                      Tommy / Madam Lapier        Judi Christie


A Christmas Carol                    Ebenezer Scrooge               Lizzie Lewendon


Macbeth                                  Rosse / Lennox / Witch       Simon Plumridge


Lunch                                      Man (Thomas)                     Alan Perrin


The New World Order                Roger                                 Ellie Jones


For Love or Money                    Danny                                Philip Ayckbourn


Cromwell in Ireland                    Preacher Paisley                Owen Nolan


The Essence of Love                 Tom                                   Philip Ayckbourn

Trunks                                     Oswald Mosley                   Jannet Eddisford

The Foundry Group

The Foundry Group

The Foundry Group

The Foundry Group


Lantern Theatre Company



Does Good Theatre

Quorum Theatre Company

Platform 4

Cira Luna

Merlin Group

Quorum Theatre Company

Magical Tales and Tunes

Platform 4

Big Theatre


Quorum Theatre Company

London Irish Theatre



Voice Work

The Other 1%                        David                                     Simon Moorhead       TBC Audio

The Teasewell Incident            Cpt. Elliot & Charmichael        Simon Moorhead       TBC Audio

Whispers Through the Static   Jim                                        Peter Gardiner          Two Bit Productions

Ryse                                    Scottish Warrior                      Campbell Askew       Crytek


Sing Hero                             Narrator                                  Grant Arthur              Zoe Mode


Lucien                                  Stewart                                  Zoe Hinks                  Sabotage Theatre


Hope Wiser                          Father                                   Chris Fowls                    MWP Digital Media

Boomf                                  Hetero Friend                         Henry Imbert                  Boomf


Sing Hero                              Party Host                            Grant Arthur                   Zoe Mode

Talents & Skills

Singing - Bottom A - top G

Clean Driving licence
Sword fighting
Horse riding